Recruitment Video &

Phone Interviews

Recruitment Service 4 - Recruitment Video and Phone Interviews

I have performed interviews by phone, Skype and face to face. I also have experience in customer service, with experience in recruiting, marketing and building relationships with B2B and B2C in various industries. Let me bring that experience to you.


After the applicant has given written permission, I will conduct recruitment video and phone interviews (via Skype, Google, etc.). The applicant will give their brief introduction, their career goals, relevant experience and transferrable skills. I will ask questions that are tailored to your industry and the position, as well as behavioural questions. You will have access to these files for your own review.



Bonus Offer!
Employer / Hiring Manager


Why not have a brief video introduction of yourself as well? I'll send you a short guide, if you need any suggestions regarding this process.

You can also reply (by video) to the potential candidate after viewing their interview video.

Or, we can livestream the whole event!

* This price is per employment applicant.

* This price is per job title.

Delivery timeframe: 5 days

My Recruitment Services:

1 - Recruitment Ads
2 - Source Passive and Acquire Active Talent
3 - Assessment: screening, background checks, talent testing
4 - Recruitment Video and Phone Interviews
5 - Onboarding and Orientation

I manage all phases of talent acquisition. I work remotely with businesses in Canada and the USA.

Language: English

I look forward to working with you!

- Susan Leitch

Hunt. Gather. Recruit!

'Always on the hunt for

Exceptional talent.'


Unless you hired me for talent acquisition, I would need you to provide me with the E-mail and phone number of your potential candidate. 

If there are any specific behavioural or other interview questions that you want me to add to the list, please let me know.

Please send your Dropbox or Google Drive link if you wish to do a brief video introduction for the potential candidate and/or reply.

Recruitment Video &

Phone Interviews

$ 1,000 CAD

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