Recruitment Testing, Credentials 

& Other Checks

Recruitment Service 3 - Assessment: screening, background checks, talent testing

Your company's reputation is at stake - don't take chances on hiring decisions made in haste.

I will help you:

  • Arrange various 3rd party checks, as well as interviewing former employers and credential checks.

  • Talent testing. Make sure you hire the best candidate for the job; put their talent to the test.T

  • Find them on social media and niche boards. View their online interactions and contributions.

* This price is per potential candidate/applicant.
* 3rd party checks and talent testing have their own costs. I do not cover those costs. 3rd parties have their own timelines for results.

I start the ball rolling with the arrangements. I can also interview former employers.
Delivery: arrangements made within 5 days. And you will be provided with a detailed checklist.

I provide you with detailed transactions (pdf, etc.), every step of the way. I'm on Skype, Slack and LinkedIn, plus various niche communities.

My Recruitment Services:

1 - Recruitment Ads
2 - Source Passive and Acquire Active Talent
3 - Assessment: screening, background checks, talent testing
4 - Recruitment Video and Phone Interviews
5 - Onboarding and Orientation

I manage all phases of talent acquisition. I work remotely with businesses in Canada and the USA.

Language: English

I look forward to working with you!

- Susan Leitch

Hunt. Gather. Recruit!

'Always on the hunt for

Exceptional talent.'

Recruitment Testing,

Credentials & Other Checks

$ 1,000 CAD

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