Recruitment Text & Visual
Ads On 
Social Media

Recruitment Service 1 - Recruitment Ads: job board text ads and visual & text ads on social media


I will create eye-catching titles, tweets and images for job boards, LinkedIn and social media, while adhering to their policies and post image size formats. Social media: I will use your ads or I will create a unique script/campaign for you.

* This price is per job title. You will receive the source files, original stock images (not raw images) and license descriptions. You may be able use these for your future projects.


My Recruitment Services:

1 - Recruitment Ads
2 - Source Passive and Acquire Active Talent
3 - Assessment: screening, background checks, talent testing
4 - Recruitment Video and Phone Interviews
5 - Onboarding and Orientation

I manage all phases of talent acquisition. I work remotely with businesses in Canada and the USA.

Language: English

I look forward to working with you!

- Susan Leitch

Hunt. Gather. Recruit!

'Always on the hunt for

Exceptional talent.'

Recruitment Text &

Visual Ads On Social Media

$ 1,000 CAD

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