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Vintage Antiques Flea Markets Charity Auctions

Updated: Apr 16

I started with a compilation video, that I recorded throughout Ontario, Canada, on a Cannon and on my phone.

Since then, I've added more videos

The Mission Thrift Store

[I love their jewelry displays!]

I bought some books from this last trip, clothing and on the first trip, a cobalt vase (in the video below).

The video for the first trip, includes Roadshow Antiques Store in Innisfil, as well as Mission Thrift Store, in Barrie.

Video: Toronto Vintage Clothing Show, Sept 2022

Sept 2022 Toronto Vintage Clothing Show Docs? Yes, long ago. And I use to have a small collection of beaded handbags. And I spent alot of my paycheck on Le Chateau velvet, etc. So beautiful. I worked in a shop that sold leather jackets and silver jewelry, near Much Music and Black Market, surrounded by wonderful goth and vintage clothing, music,... I remember the band Bootsauce came in looking for a Bovine ring. And working at HMV,...

Square One's crew from first HMV'S first store location, circa 1990's with Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff.

I wish that I knew who took this photo of us, so that I can give credit. I'm on the bottom left (extra dorky that day, and not in my usual black).

I have also added a...


This blog post below, contains images from my VIDEO compilation, from 2017 and on.

Check back SOON for NFT links on my new account.

'Antique Bottles, Jugs And Memorabilia', Copyright 2018 & 2022, Susan L

Size: a little over 18" x 12". Low res & watermarked versions on this page. On my Rarible account.

Also Available On:



Fine Art America

[I am currently creating more related images. All images on this blog post will soon be available in a 12 pack assortment of stickers.

I may link my Etsy account so that you can print custom sized prints at your local printer (as some are odd sizes].

Time Travel Through History;

Gazing On The Treasures Of Yesterday

We had the Ye Olde X Shoppe with its beautiful model ships, and the Dixie 401 Flea Market, with its records and rings and all kinds of things, in Mississauga, when I was a kid. Although I do not have any footage from those places, I have included these links at the end of this blog, as well as the rest of the vendors in the video.

In this video, I share a few road trips throughout Ontario, in search of some treasures from 'yesterday'.

*** Images in this blog are LOW resolution, watermarked versions, to prevent further theft of my images. All Copyrights are owned by me, Susan L. All rights reserved. ***


'Horse And Pitcher', Copyright 2018, Susan L


Also available on:


Medium Zipper Pouch here.

Fine Art America

Greeting Card

'Antique Lamps' Copyright 2018, Susan L

Rarible NFT (includes printable download)

Also available on:


All products here.

Fine Art America

Pouch, Greeting Card

'Antique Vintage Kodak Camera'. Antique Vintage Camera.

This is the glamourized version of my photo (in copper, brown & gold),

that was taken at the Toronto Bottle Show, 2018.

© Copyright 2018, 2021 & 2022, Susan L.

This NFT is on my Rarible account

(you get the hight res, no watermarked version,

NFT & printable digital download).


Fine Art America

'Amethyst Passions Perfume', Copyright 2019, Susan L.

Rarible 10" x 8" for a giclée print & 18" x 10" for a metal poster.


There are 3 versions of Glass and Amethyst Passions,…

Landscape: 10 x 8 Cropped Landscape Version

Portrait (and at a different angle)

Fine Art America

'Antique Little Pot Of Beads', Copyright 2019, Susan L.

This printable NFT (10" x 10" & 24 x 24") is on my Rarible account (you get the NFT & printable digital download).


Fine Art America

'Antique Teacup And Saucer' © Copyright 2018 and 2022, Susan L. All rights reserved. Available on my Rarible account. Only Rarible has 3 versions for 1 price (transparent, white background and lace background).

Also available on RedBubble:

- Lace Background

- White & Transparent Background

Fine Art America

- Lace Background

- White Background

'Antique Tins', Copyright 2018, Susan L.

This printable NFT (12" x 18") is on my Rarible account (you get the NFT & printable digital download). Low res version on this post.



I may Add MORE images here.

While writing this blog, I just found Wish I May, and I'm putting it on my own list to visit.


Gem Expo Toronto:

Toronto Bottle Show by Four Seasons Bottle Collectors Club:


Oakville has a Goodwill on Kerr, that has auctions, that they feature in their storefront window display.

Also, check out your local thrift stores for auctions, sales, etc.

Aberfoyle Antique Market:

Waterford Antique Market:

Wiarton Emporium

Wish I May

Grand River Flea Market, Cambridge, ON.:

Freelton Antique Mall:

Ye Olde X Shoppe (FB group with old photo):

Dixie Flea Market (FB group with old photo):

Now known as, Fantastic Flea Market:

Their Blog:

Mission Thrift Store, Barrie

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