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Updated: Mar 16

Greetings! I've been editing various types of videos for over 13 years now. I started with Movie Maker. Then I progressed to Filmora/Wondershare, Camtasia, and now I'm working with Premiere Pro and the rest of Adobe Creative Cloud. It's an exciting industry and there's always something new to learn.

Here are two of my most recent demo editing projects...

Wedding/Travel Video Editor

Video Concept: I created a 'compilation of couples', as if it were an intro video for a wedding photography / videography agency. I laced a wonderful musical piece to a stunning gown of professional footage from various photographers/videographers*. I draped the composition with romantic passages from well known poets.

If you want to enjoy your own wedding / travel footage in video format...

Once you have your requested raw footage from your videographer (and photographer), and want to inquire about having me edit your video, you may contact me at: multimediasusan @ gmail...

Remote video editing and/or local to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Time Zone info here.

* All stock assets are fully licensed, with credits in the video and in the video description.

Travel Video Editor

'Explore The World. Relish The Journey.'


Voice Over

For more information and a look at my older demos,...

Contact me, Susan, at:

multimediasusan @ gmail...

Thank you!

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