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The Sunflower

The transplanting of lives.


Head held high, sturdy and strong

Slowly stretching to greet the rising sun.

Careful hands tend it; Hopeful hearts share

In joyful labour: The liberation of soul

From burden of rock and tangle of weed

Exchanging this dust for nourishing terrain

To settle in soil far, far from this place.

To join others in infinite dance

Where they dare to aspire

To unprecedented heights

While sweeping gold and sunset hues.

And slowly age in fields of grace.

While the brown-brick neighbour it left behind

Wilts in neglect and crumbles in time

And its cold-hearted owners

With the gold-lined pockets

Choke on its dust.

Then, its many uncaged souls,

In seeking wisdom, will

Recklessly leap,

Then cautiously grow

As they spin and spend forth

In their journey t’ward the sun.

#poem, #sunflower, #writer

© Copyright 2010, Hannah Ellie. All rights reserved.

Hannah Ellie is a writer pseudonym of Susan Leitch (multimedia artist).

[Hopeful yet humbled by Shapiro & Blake].

Above: a photograph of a sunflower planted behind a slum where I once lived, that was checker-boarded by the impoverished and decent parts of town, where some of those unfortunate souls were entrapped from burden of rock and tangle of weed.

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