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Part 2 of Golden Series - Art By AI - Nfts and Physical Art

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Inspired By Monet & Klimt

Golden Series Stickers or Magnets Pack 1, available on my RedBubble account.

Stickers (best for sizes: M, L & XL): Matte, Glossy, or Transparent finish.

Magnets: Large is best choice.

[This Blog is a WIP (work in progress). I'm still uploading art for NFTs, Greeting Cards, etc. And Links are being added. A pdf will become available as well.]

This is a continuation of the project that I started in March, 2022, called AI and I. That first post is here.

The Golden Series, Inspired by Monet & Klimpt, Part 1 is here.

#17 - Golden Series - Pack/Part 2

NFT on Rarible.

Products on Fine Art America

Redbubble (+ the link to the variety pack

in the header image above)



on the way!

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