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Updated: Feb 21

The following is from the video transcript.

Apple blossoms yet to bloom

After this past Winter in the Greater Toronto Area, there was alot of damage, from fallen trees, branches and what have you.

Here we are in Spring. And while many branches are still bare, if you look closely, you can see new life starting to grow, like these leaves on a raspberry branch.

Waiting for Raspberries. Bramble on.

So many beautiful blossoms, as I film all around my region,...

Apple Blossoms yet to bloom,...

Pear blossoms,…



The White Trillium is the Provincial flower of Ontario, Canada.

The Red Trillium are hiding among the Mayapples

Note: In the video you see a large sign to bring into everyone's awareness that coyotes are all around. All the areas that I filmed in, are known to have coyotes. A large coyote walked by me in the backyard, this past Winter! Awareness is key.

Coyote Links

Ontario, Canada

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Humane Society, USA

Coyote Smarts

The American Beech Tree:

The nuts will be ready in Autumn.

The bark is smooth and grey.

There are a lot of Beech Trees in this forest.

…Definitely coming back here, in Autumn.

I couldn't catch the chipmunk here on camera, but I managed to get these two playful squirrels. [See the video].

Ostrich Fern Fiddleheads

Note: The earlier you can get them (when they are coiled up, before they unfurl), the better they taste.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon alot of unfurled Ostrich Ferns, in various areas.

It's now May, and the fiddleheads are out once again! I managed to have a few last weekend. [around May 8th].

I have eaten them raw before as well, but you may want to cook them if you're not sure, as they have been reported to cause upset stomachs, and can cause food poisoning, etc., if eaten raw.

I have also had fiddleheads cooked in butter, with salt, pepper, lemon juice, etc,.. I just take off the papery brown stuff first, before cooking it or eating it. They are quite good.

What’s within walking distance from where you live?

What’s in the area beyond that?

So break out your books and get your digital resources ready, and keep your eyes open for the abundance of flora and fauna all around you.

Stay tuned for Spring 2022, Part 2 (near the end of Spring)



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