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Of Silk And Light

Updated: Apr 5

'Of Silk And Light' is a combination of my earlier digital images.

It represents the process of all five frequency bodies en route to harmonizing before ultimate creative freedom can be achieved. No, I'm not new age, or into witch craft or spirituality. Nor am I in any group or any religion. But to each their own.

The bottom line is: We have untapped powers (that are way beyond any of the above labels and are not associated with any group), and we do have inner knowledge that has not been taught. We have the ability to access the pure neutral creative energy of source.

© Copyright 2018, Susan Leitch. All rights reserved.

What's New?

I created an NFT in 2021:

The image at the bottom of this post, is entitled, 'Multimedia'. It combines digital graphic design with one of my DSLRs (Canon EOS Rebel X) that I used to own.

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