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Floral Variety Pack - Art By AI - Nfts and Physical Art

A watermarked version of Floral Variety Pack.

Blooming Lotus, Riverwood, Victorian Gardens, Flowers On Water, and some abstracts.

Stickers or Magnets, available on my RedBubble account.

Stickers (best for sizes: M, L & XL): Matte, Glossy, or Transparent finish.

Magnets: Large is best choice.



on the way!

This is a continuation of the project that I started in March, 2022, called AI and I. That first post is here.

The Golden Series, Inspired by Monet & Klimpt, Part 1 is here.

The Golden Series, Part 2 is here.

Catalogue .PDF

I will put featured images from ALL of the various series from this project and post it in each related post.

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