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Creative Force From Source

Updated: Feb 20

Creative Force From Source - Video Still

Available as a 12" x 8" printable NFT on my Rarible account. Limited Edition of 10.

Upon purchase, you will unlock the higher resolution version without watermarks.

I highly recommend that you print with a professional printer. It makes a great metal poster.

The Project...

Audio Preview for a WIP (work in progress), available on one of my YouTube accounts.

Audio preview for the project, Creative Force From Source. The music has been curated and freshly mixed (snippets faded in & out in this audio preview, just to give you a small taste), where I have blended each song into the next. Music licensed by Artlist. 💜

Lake Ontario (GTA) has been mixed in. 🙂

This is an audio preview of the 1st track in my subliminal projects. The full version (not posted) is under 10 minutes in length.

I have selected some 😎 Beeple clips and other footage (for the final version). I will record all or part of the audios. I intend for this to be a collaboration with someone who professionally specializes in subliminals.

Get on the email list.

Update: I reblended the 1st & 2nd song for a smoother sound.

My goal with this project is to open up the world of self empowerment to a wider audience. There are many of us who do not fit in any religious or spiritual or occult (etc.) groups (to each their own - freedom of choice). But we do realize that it is about energy. And it is about the power of our own mind.

Source is a neutral creative force. A fractal of source is contained in our soul. It is creative energy. We activate it by having a strong connection to our source self (via quiet meditation, etc.), and by visualizing (in the now) and using emotions and sensations of this duality world, to manifest our desires.

The spoken affirmations (inaudible to barely audible) will be made known. The subconscious mind will pick up on it.

More tracks are in the works.

© Copyright 2023, Susan L

All rights reserved.

Thank you!


The purchase of the NFT is for personal use only. Not for resale or commercial use. You may share official links from my site or my Rarible link above. That goes for all my images (unless I have stated that you may use it for commercial use in my Etsy listing, etc.). Please respect artists.

Thank you.

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