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Creating In An Abundance Of Beauty And Wonder

Welcome to the studio...

It's all about intention. It's also about setting a positive atmosphere that allows your creativity to flow freely. It helps you release negativity. It engages all the senses - or as many as you. It make you more aware of when to stay in the creative zone, and when to quickly save ideas / links, and when to just free fall like Alice, into the creative rabbit hole.

RiverWood Studio

In my very small place, is a space by the window, with a wooden desk that is quite old and sturdy. I repurposed a broken white tabletop by placing it on top of the wooden desk, for protection against water, paint, etc. It is my multimedia workspace. For larger paintings, I use the kitchen table.

I adorned my workspace with 2 beautiful orchids (that spend alot of time vacationing by my new grow lights, until they get their own desktop lights). Stay tuned for the indoor garden journal, to find out what is growing here now. Since the above photo, I have added a contrasting vase of branches and wild plants from the florist and from the fields. I plan on getting another large floor vase for these and then adding silver dollars and pussywillows back in, just like the one I made before.

The desktop on my refurbished 2015 21.5" iMac has scenes of beaches and wonderful places that I would like to visit someday. The Internet is full of high resolution digital wallpapers. It's very easy to put yourself right into the scene, and vividly imagine yourself there, right Now (in first person view). Law of attraction. But instead of asking the Universe, you simply imagine it yourself. The power is within.

Creative Soundscape

Music and sound also helps to inspire and uplift the soul. I will be putting together creative sound playlists on the RiverWood channel.


An open window, images of forests, quiet walks in the woods, strolls by the beach, the smell of fresh air, watching animals, listening to the birds,... Taking photos and sketching or painting in nature is both educational and fun. But, I haven't mastered the art of bug repellant for my plein air sessions.

The Sights & Sounds Of Nature

Watching ASMR walking in the woods videos, (and nature videos, in general), listening to plants. Yes, listening to plants.

COMING in 2022: I will have plant music from my own garden, via the Plantwave app.

In December, I will continue this post, in regards to Smells, Touch & Taste.

Thanks for reading!

- Susan

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