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Checksum In The Matrix of Duality

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

We are from creative Neutral energy.

A current.

Emotions are Energy in motion.


Invest / spend wisely

The equation Will be Balanced

That is the Yin / Yang



Beneficial uses of emotions include: - Creations - Manifestations of experiences. - Whatever/whoever is beneficial to your experience (even then, on a case by case scenerio)

Non-beneficial uses of emotions include: - Business decisions (logic should rule here) - Energy draining events & conspiracies (while awareness is good - but that rabbit hole never ends). - Moments when individuals are being negative.

We have allowed them to literally drain our own energy cell.

Living in your present moment, and in joy, contentment and neutrality are beneficial!

Image Credit: Wuji - Taiji - Yin/yang - The four phenomena - Bagua - Trigrams. Public domain image by Lokal_Profil

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