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Can AI Create Amazing Art?

Updated: May 19

I was curious, as to whether or not AI can produce great abstracts. I tried a few online sites. I decided to commission art from the Dream app, by the Canadian artificial intelligence agency, Wombo AI. During the project I realized, hey, this is the same company that people use to make many of those d-e-e-p f-a-k-e-s videos that I see in my YouTube feed.

It's at:


Quick demo video.

Just enter a detailed Prompt (with a maximum of 100 characters), choose your Art Style and click on the Create button. I made a quick demo video (the link is above).

This project was conducted intermittently throughout March and April 2022. At first, it produced some really strange and sometimes scary results, especially if people and faces were involved. But when I started getting really descriptive within my parameters (that I enter in the prompt), of the colours, themes and details that I was looking for, it became quite an interesting experiment.

The result? AI can produce better abstracts than I can! Well, always inspired. Always learning.

The images from the app mostly needed saturation, contrast, exposure and a little polishing around the edges. In some cases, combining 2 or more (AI art pieces) in a composite piece made it more interesting.

I would highly suggest editing (with layers, as you would in Gimp, or Photoshop, etc.), before printing or minting it as an NFT.

If you would rather not experiment with AI art, then you might still find it inspiring for composition, etc. Why not try it yourself?

What's Next?

In my next video, in the Amazing Art video series, I will present the best images that I commissioned the Wombo Dream app. There is alot of stuff that I haven't even posted yet.

I will also be creating video NFTs and more printable NFTs and other products, as well as a catalogue for this whole project.

Note: The NFTs that I have on Rarible are not minted. They are only minted upon purchase.

Thanks for reading!

- Susan L


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