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Beach House Decor And More

Updated: May 30

Heart Of Glass By Susan L.

© Copyright 2019, Susan L. All rights reserved.



Beach House Decor

(I will be adding more this Summer)

Digital Downloads are available

for you to print off yourself

at a professional printer,

on my ETSY shop.


The image above is a cropped version. I redid a fun beach glass (and beach pottery, citrine - I believe, and dug up treasures) that I made in 2018. It ended up in a partial Fibonacci pattern. I am thinking of redoing it (in watercolour), with a whole anchor piece and without the bottom rocks, etc.

Beach glass. Not sea glass. In Ontario, Canada, we have alot of lakes and beaches.

Many of these items were found by YouTube's @KenTheFinder & @MultiMediaSusan

All images on my site are copyrighted, unless otherwise stated.

© Copyright, Susan L. All rights reserved.

And I will be adding more to that collection.

All images on my site are Copyright protected,

unless specifically stated otherwise.

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