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Vote To Win - Art Vote 2020

You Can Win $5,000 CAD*

You Have 5 Days


On My Submission To

An International Art Competition

My entry will be either abstract or abstract emerging from realism (a combination) or vice versa; an abstract realism fusion, if you will.

Please feel free to copy & paste your choice(s) from the following, and mail your suggestions to:

multimediasusan 'at' gmail dot com [you know how to do it. This is bot prevention on my part].

VOTE 1 of These:

I can:

1. create something new

2. choose or redo an existing piece from my portfolio


3. combine all of the above

+ VOTE 1 or More of These:

A. suggested colours: [add your suggested group of colours here]

B. title suggestion

C. suggested concept

That's it!


Q: Who Are You?

I am a multimedia artist and author. Here is the link to my brief Bio.

Q. Where Are Your Existing Abstracts?

- Here are my Abstract Paintingss of 2020 + some of my Digital Abstract Designs, thus far.

- Here is my Instagram for previous abstracts.

The Winner

* One person - will win $5,000 CAD, IF I win the Luxembourg Art Prize - using their suggestions, based upon my art.

Fellow Artists

Click this link if you want to participate in that same contest that I will be entering.


The deadline for your vote, is Saturday, August 22, 2020, 12 am, EDT UTC/GMT - 4 hours.

Click here for the time (I'm in the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

Time Comparison.

My Goals

Why am I doing this? For many reasons:

- to express myself as an artist

- to fulfill a dream of being in a museum

- I need a permanent home / studio space

- I have been lasik for loss of vision

I would like to also be able to pay it forward, and set up or become involved in an Artist In Residence program, to help other artists acheive their goals.

To Help Out

If you would like to help out (for art and contest related expenses, etc.), this page has the link to one time donation gift as well as a monthly subscription link on my Patreon.

Thank You, Everyone!

Thank you all for reading, liking, sharing, participating and helping out in general. You are awesome!


Susan Leitch

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