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AG Wild I - NFT Video Still

AG Wild I - NFT Video Still

Available as a printable NFT 12" x 16" (landscape) on my Rarible account, or

as a digital download (printable) 5" x 7" (landscape) on my Etsy account.

NFT Video Stills

This is part of my NFT video still series for Electric! Which will be available in Spring 2023.

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Upon purchase, you will unlock the version that does not have watermarks or my Web site on it.

I highly recommend that you print with a high quality professional printer. I have tested my prints as giclées (on an Epson printer) @300 ppi. You might also print as a metal poster, etc.

There will be another dome image (AG Wild II), is coming up.

© Copyright 2011 & 2023, Susan L

All rights reserved.

Thank you!


The purchase of this image is for personal use only. Not for resale or commercial use. You may share official links from my site. That is for all my images (unless I have stated that you may use it for commercial use). Please respect artists.

Thank you.

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