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Reflections - Of
Silk & Light


I placed this set of images for sale on the Rarible NFT site. Here is the link (that is throughout this post):

What you will see there is the animated gif, with a link to this page that you are now viewing, in order to show the other 2 images. After the NFT purchasing process has been completed (paid), (and providing your shipping address), I will then process the order for my local printer to print and mount the giclées for the other two images (shown here on this page).

Low Res

What I have online, are the low res versions of my original art.

3 Images, 1 Price:

Frequency Vibration Trifecta NFT by MultiMediaSusan, includes:

  • Reflections - Of Silk And Light animated gif (above) digital version

  • Choose Your Vibration 16x24" * (physical version)

  • Of Silk And Light 10x8" * (physical version)

* Shipping:

If you provide your shipping address, I will ship these two printed & mounted giclées to you. Please send your shipping address to: multimediasusan at Gmail...

These will be printed at my local printer, on demand. Shipping during this time of year (November, December) usually takes longer.

The pieces will remain in my portfolio, and the two pieces will also be published in my book (ebook and/or physical book) of images, poems and prose. 


I have a set and I will have 10 sets for sale.


About The Art

These pieces are built upon my creation, entitled: Of Silk And Light. It represents the process of all five frequency bodies en route to harmonizing before they can achieve ultimate creative freedom.


'Of Silk And Light' is a combination of my earlier digital images.

It represents the process of all five frequency bodies en route to harmonizing before they achieve ultimate creative freedom. It's not about new age, witch craft, spirituality, religion, etc. It is about our (mostly untapped) inner knowledge and powers (that are beyond any label or group) from the pure neutral creative energy of source.

© Copyright 2014 (and earlier), 2018, 2021, Susan Leitch. All rights reserved. RiverWood.Gallery


You can use the images however you want, including commercially (as long as it is legal) - as long as you credit as follows: images by Susan Leitch As the artist, I retain the Copyright. You can resell your trifecta (as long as you kept the shipped art pieces in the same shape as they were shipped to you).

Images Posted Here

The images for shipping are only shown here as low resolution images.


Thank you for your interest in my art!


- Susan L

#CanadianArtist #OntarioCanada

Choose Your


Of Silk And

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