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'Expressing a passion for life, colour & light, through a palette of words, camera, canvas and beyond.'

A Little About Me...

My name is Susan, I am of Native - & French-Canadian and German descent. And, I was born in and am currently based in Canada.

I am a multimedia artist. I don't have a niche. I enjoy the complete freedom of creating whatever I want, in whatever medium that I fancy: 
from abstract to realism; from artisan to digital art, voice work, designs for clothing, and more. 

I also write fiction, non-fiction, poem & prose and guided imageries. The latter was inspired by Mrs. Mulvaney (my high school English teacher), Judy, and Dani Elwell. I have also worked under pseudonyms.

My childhood was filled with wonder and creativity. I have always been a daydreamer.

Wonderfully illustrated children's books on nature and fiction, filled many bookshelves on my captain's bed. My mom would come home from work at the photo finishing plant, with rolls of unusable printing paper that I would draw on. 

She also brought home a few vintage cameras, then eventually my own camera. This started my love for photography. I progressed to a SLR, and then DSLRs and I started taking the New York Institute of Photography, and may pick it up again in the future.

I work alot from my own reference photos. 
I have learned that continually improving my awareness, observation, photography, and design skills, really proves to strengthen my ability to communicate the captured scene of one precious moment in time. Learning is a lifelong process.

There are so many art courses to consider, right now I am overwhelmed by the choices available these days.

Early mediums included: crayons, silly putty, cottage clay, pencil, pen, paint, cameras,  video cameras, Realistic audio mixers, effects processors and keyboards from Radioshack, access to a few instruments,...

Artistic Inspirations:
Nature and creative fluidity... I was a strong swimmer and tree climber as a young girl. I'd pick things up on nature walks so that I could draw them later. I had a strong curiosity of how things worked - so I took things apart (watches, stereos - you name it).

Although I am self-taught, I have learned art from a multitude of mentors from afar, such as:


Gustav Klimt, Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Robert Bateman, 

M.C. Escher, Beatrix Potter, Norman Rockwell, Bob Ross, William (Bill) Alexander, Stefan Baumann, Ed Swarez, Rafi Perez, Klee Angelie, Trisha Romance,...

Photography: Annie Leibovitz, Edward Steichen, Ansel Adams,...

Writers: Henry David Thoreau, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, Will Hobbs, Luis Sachar, Judy Blume, J.K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, oh - the list is long!

Inspiration surrounds us. I was always fascinated with the water, ships, trees, and scrolls in wrought iron and spirals all throughout nature (Fibonacci golden ratio) - (you can really see this in Gustav Klimt's work),... I also love Sudoku! So far, my best attempt has been a little over 4 minutes.

My uncle Lou had quite a few oversized art instruction books. Him and I would watch William Alexander, in The Magic of Oil Painting series on TV.

Of all the instructional art books that I have had, these ones made the greatest impact on me:
Lifelike Heads (Drawing Made Easy), by Lance Richlin & The Fundamentals of Drawing Landscapes by Barrington Barber.

In my 20s, while studying for an exam, I was an extra in movies and TV shows that were filmed in and around Toronto (such as: Kids In The Hall movie, train passenger in Mrs. Winterborne, in a segment of a made for TV movie series (that had Richard Karn from Home Improvement), a show of Due South,...).

But early on I knew that I really enjoy being behind the scenes, observing and telling the story.

Upcoming Projects (include):
- Abstract painting: I will pursue abstract painting further. I started with small and medium sized canvases, and now I am ready to get bolder with colours and larger canvases.
- Landscapes: I have begun work, using photographs of clouds, water, and nature to inspire me.
- Book: I will self publish my original images, poems and prose, up until now.
- Limited editions: for various projects, I will be doing limited edition signed prints.

I would like to go beyond my acrylics and explore more oil and knife paintings and go back to bright watercolours.

...and more.


I was a sickly kid. My cousin Margaret gave me my first typewriter (it was a light blue, manual Smith-Corona - wow, I just noticed that this vintage typewriter would have been worth quite a bit of coin now!). My mom bought me a beautiful desk. Reams of paper,... Tons of imagination...


Early Writing

When I was in elementary school, one of our projects was to make a physical book (and to write and illustrate the story - mine was a silly tale about a cat and mouse - and create the cover with cardboard and wallpaper wrap). Then we went on a field trip to a nearby school, where we were paired off with a student. We would ear read our story to the younger student, and give our book as a gift to them. Even though I was really shy, I enjoyed this experience.

Coincidentally, unbeknownst to me at the time, years later I became really good friends with her older sister.

Marty Olsen, There's Trouble Afoot!

When I first published this online, under a pseudonym, I received feedback from a parent of one of the readers; they said that their child enjoyed it. One of my projects is to rewrite that book.

I truly believe that everyone is a creator. We just need to find a way to unlock the creator within.

Thanks for reading!

- Susan Leitch


Here are just some of my photos:

E-mail me for an updated Portfolio: multimediasusan  at  gmail...

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Header Images & Photos:

By me: bottom left, top right, Canon & orchids.

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